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Arabic Sweets – A Modern Collection with a Traditional Spin

Arabic Sweets – A Modern Collection with a Traditional Spin

Tradition is a custom that has been inherited by us since the beginning of our inception. It is what encapsulates the very foundation of this company and the products we serve. And around this day and age where such concepts are becoming stale, we’ve sought this period as an outstanding opportunity to preserve those traditions.

As most are aware, dates and arabic sweets are one of the most popular and well-adored culinary practices in the Middle East. And with such a trend recently becoming increasingly more prevalent in our society, we wanted to make sure that all our customers get a grand taste of our brand new Arabic Sweets Collection.

When it comes to sweets, the Arabic world is vast and varied. From the well-known Baklava to the lesser known but no less delicious Knafeh, there are countless ways to enjoy a sweet treat in Arabic culture.

Another reason why Arabic sweets are so beloved is that they are often served at special occasions such as weddings and festivals. This adds an element of celebration to the experience of enjoying these treats.

On the other hand, the taste and aroma of Arabic sweets also inspires a memorable sense of strong desire. In any restaurant, café, roastery, or retail store that you enter within the whole Middle East, buying Arabic sweets has become a natural instinct.

The Arabic Sweets Collection features a variety of traditional and modern Arabic sweets – expertly crafted by the company’s Best confectioner – that marks as a modern addition to our wide range of conventional products.

Some of them include a familiar range of flavors and ingredients, such as walnut, dates, powdered sugar, sesame seeds, and pistachios. Such products have been thematically integrated within our very own Best Classics Collection.

Our date-filled delights are a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth. These include the mammoul range – classic dates, dates mixed with sesame, pistachio, and walnut – as well as the ghuraibah, asawer, and barazik.

And for those looking who are looking for something a little more unconventional comes another classic with it’s own modern take.

Our mammoul date coated with chocolate breaches on the line of contemporaneity – yet attaining a significant portion of it’s traditional value – that makes it perfect for any occasion.

The rich, creamy filling is balanced perfectly with the freshness of these products, making for a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

As an item of its own making, this certain product is overlayed to the brim of it’s utmost conventional desires that should even keep modern customers excited.

In a dynamic world where traditions have long gone astray, most of us strive to enliven certain customs while on the verge of being forgotten and that is what our brand new collection is designed to accomplish.

A wealthy addition to some of our biggest collections, as well as a classic reintroduction to our company’s core foundation, our Arabic Sweets collection is for both traditional and modern lovers to collectively partake in and enjoy.

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