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Arabic Sweets – A Modern Collection with a Traditional Spin

Tradition is a custom that has been inherited by us since the beginning of our inception. It is what encapsulates the very foundation of this company and the products we serve. And around this day and age where such concepts are becoming stale, we’ve sought this period as an outstanding opportunity to preserve those traditions. As most are aware, dates and arabic sweets are one of the most popular and well-adored culinary practices in the Middle East. And with such [...]


Ramadan Collection: For All To Feast Upon

It’s that time of the year again to gear up for another round of joyous festivities. And what better occasion to partake in such a celebration than one of the holiest periods to ever take place in the Middle East – Ramadan Kareem. Since Ramadan is mostly known as a time for family and friends to come together during a night of incredible feasting with a hefty Iftar meal, before indulging in a delightful combination of Arabic sweets and beverages. And [...]


PECAN COLLECTION: The True Luxury of Gift-Giving

What makes chocolate gifts so unique? We all enjoy the luxury of buying and sharing gifts – for yourself and your loved ones – mostly the types that are easily attainable and can also gain tremendous joy out of. And that fact remains that chocolates are perfect choices for every occasion. Which is exactly one of our most treasurable gift sets, labeled the Pecan Collection, has to offer and makes it distinguishable from the rest. Released during December, and with [...]



Gift-giving is an idea celebrated and adored by all. We crave to strengthen the existing relationships that we have with our loved ones, as well as establishing meaningful connections with those we come across. Regarding our latest creation – The Gift Hampers Collection – we aim to instill a similar sensation from the moment it is provided to you and passed on to others. Here at Best Food Company, the act of gift-giving is treated as an essential nutrient to the [...]


Hot & Spicy, Sweet Chilli and Indo Herbs- launch of new flavoured nut mixes

Infused with oriental flavours, discover our exclusive selection of roasted nuts, including heritage Classic Mix and new creation of Peanut & Corn mix. Best Food Company is inviting you to experience vibrant Hot & Spicy, Sweet Chilli and Indo Herbs flavours harmoniously combined with roasted aroma of premium nuts. You will be amazed by the flamingly bright packaging, the quality of which is meant to preserve the freshness and savoury tang of flavoured nuts. Blend of piquant chilli, aromatic coriander, fenugreek, cardamom, [...]


Maraboo artisan chocolate kiosk opening at Al Khawaneej Walk Mall, Dubai

Best Food Company is excited to announce a brand new Maraboo artisan chocolate kiosk opening located in Dubai at Al Khawaneej Walk Mall. Maraboo is an astonishing experience of the best that chocolate can be. As an artisan chocolate Maraboo is made of unique and recognizable aromatic profiles of Valrhona Chocolate. Valrhona has been producing the world’s finest chocolate in the small village of Tain L’Hermitage, France since 1922. It is a creation of unique, artisan quality chocolate with complex, balanced and [...]


Best Roastery introducing new Burgundy Collection of gourmet chocolate gifts

Best Roastery is excited to introduce new Burgundy Collection of gourmet chocolate gifts. Burgundy Collection is inspired by the Autumn season and thought to group around some vibrant colours of the Autumn combined with soft and tender gourmet chocolates. Burgundy Collection is carefully placed and proudly presented in a wide range of gift packaging. To name a few, these are Glass Jars, Decorative Gift Plates, different shapes of Luxury Trays and Stylish Gift Boxes. To warm you up in this Autumn pore, [...]


Best Roastery Gourmet Chocolates and Dates Gifts For Diwali

The most-loved festival, Diwali is here! Enjoy the festival of lights with remarkable collection of Best Roastery gourmet chocolates and dates gifts. The design of the vibrant Diwali Collection is inspired by the colourful flower petals of Rangoli. The ritual of drawing Rangoli patterns symbolizes an auspicious welcome sign which brings good luck, prosperity on the house and in the family. Our Diwali gifts assortment including exquisite range of pure chocolates, premium dates, dried fruits and variety of delightful chocolate dragees. It is [...]


Best Food Company participated in Gulf Food 2020

Dubai, February 2020: Best Food Company, the leader in branded nuts category in UAE, is participating in the 25th edition of Gulf Food, world's biggest annual food & hospitality show. This show will serve as a meaningful platform for Best Food to showcase its unique product collection and latest innovations.

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