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Ramadan Collection: For All To Feast Upon

Ramadan Collection: For All To Feast Upon

It’s that time of the year again to gear up for another round of joyous festivities. And what better occasion to partake in such a celebration than one of the holiest periods to ever take place in the Middle East – Ramadan Kareem.

Since Ramadan is mostly known as a time for family and friends to come together during a night of incredible feasting with a hefty Iftar meal, before indulging in a delightful combination of Arabic sweets and beverages.

And this is precisely where our Ramadan Collection comes into play. At this time around – unlike any other occasion that we’ve had the joy of partaking in this year – we are offering a dazzling new range of gifts that are perfect for all to feast upon.

With nearly forty items in total, this collection is not everyone’s typical expectation of what gifts are made to be for this year’s blessed Ramadan.

Divided by four groups, each section within our batch includes gifts that are made, though to invoke a similar sensation, yet also created to serve a specific craving – most likely depending on what you and your loved ones choose to quench on, either during mid or post-iftar.

Ranging from sweets to exotic dry fruits, we hope that our Ramadan Collection instills the occasion’s sensation of quality bonding and togetherness.

Gold/Silver Collection:

First and foremost displayed right at the front of the line, comes the irresistible delight of our gold and silver collection.

Starting small, though of extreme significance, come the Ramadan gift plates, with each of them having come equipped with a delightful arrangement consisting of some of our best Arabic sweets and chocolates – including, but not limited to, milk chocolate wraps, chocolate-coated pecans, nougats, dates (plain & chocolate-dipped), as well as chocolate-dipped apricots and the never-been-seen before qamar al din thrown into the mix.

The next in line consists of gift trays considered to be imbued with an overwhelmingly strong flair of considerable significance to our Ramadan Collection.

One of which, focusing on the golden collection, includes a large golden tray which we’ve used in one of our previous collections during the winter season, and have had the pleasure of integrating it once again as a charismatic addition to our plethora of gifts to serve as a chilling reminder that such an item can be exciting and joyful with almost any occasion.

In addition to that, now shifting towards the silver collection, there comes a trio of large silver gift trays (in different forms, shapes, and sizes), which include an abundance of well-assorted dry fruits, dates, sweets, and chocolates – for those who are looking to with-hold extra weight towards the end and aftermath of the occasion.

And last, but not least, ranked first in the line is the most lucrative and staggering treat within our disposal – weighed at approximately 7.1 kg. This oversized gift tray was crafted to suit almost every need possible.

Since most experience great expressions of delight as to what they get to relish in during iftar, imagine the amount of contentment that will follow straight afterward once they encounter this enormity of delectables.

Dry Fruits Collection:

Less party-going, and more saturated with a relaxing and tonic atmosphere, this collection is suffused with an immense sensation of raw adequacy. As well as that, it is primarily designed for those who have an appetite for a light snack.

Coming in three different sizes, along with a few other options with each succeeding item, these gifts are considered the most wholesome of our Ramadan collection.

And like the items included in them, they serve the great benefit of being able to gain a fruitful invigorating joy during this momentous occasion.

Best Classic Collection:

Familiar with this one? By combining two traditions together, this collection constitutes as it’s own addition to our repertoire.

Most of the boxes in this collection, including the pecan chocolates and dates (raw, stuffed, and chocolate-dipped), are already pretty well-known amongst our community.

Though with some slight changes – for instance, the last one has been replaced with Ramadan-themed chocolate wraps – to fit more with the occasion’s atmosphere.

A Happy and Healthy Ramadan:

Ramadan is often seen as a time for reflection and looking inward. But with our collection, such a moment will leave you craving for, not just our products, but the many days and nights over the lustful imagination at how special they have made this year’s Ramadan for you and your loved ones.

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