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Arabic Sweets – A Modern Collection with a Traditional Spin

Tradition is a custom that has been inherited by us since the beginning of our inception. It is what encapsulates the very foundation of this company and the products we serve. And around this day and age where such concepts are becoming stale, we’ve sought this period as an outstanding opportunity to preserve those traditions. As most are aware, dates and arabic sweets are one of the most popular and well-adored culinary practices in the Middle East. And with such [...]


PECAN COLLECTION: The True Luxury of Gift-Giving

What makes chocolate gifts so unique? We all enjoy the luxury of buying and sharing gifts – for yourself and your loved ones – mostly the types that are easily attainable and can also gain tremendous joy out of. And that fact remains that chocolates are perfect choices for every occasion. Which is exactly one of our most treasurable gift sets, labeled the Pecan Collection, has to offer and makes it distinguishable from the rest. Released during December, and with [...]

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